Berks Container Recovery Reading, PA's premier non-ferrous recycling center. We strive to give our customers the highest prices, accurate weights, and knowledgeable staff to make your recycling experience great. 


Upon entering the premises, please park in the parking lot on the right. While waiting to be helped, please stay at your vehicle and separate your materials. A knowledgeable employee will weigh your materials. Materials are subject to testing, if necessary. Once your materials are weighed, you will be handed a number and at that time, you may proceed to the payout office. Please read "Attention Customers" for the legalities of payout procedures. 



Customer Service

Weighing Procedures


We do our best to give our customers the highest prices for their materials which is why we buy back over 130 different categories of non-ferrous metals. Because prices change with the market, there could be daily adjustments. For this reason, it is best to call our office for up-to-date pricing. If you aren't sure what material you have, our knowledgeable employees are here to help you. If you do know what specific materials you have, please have them separated prior to arrival. It will make your experience much quicker! 

In 1985, West Lawn Beverage Company, our partner company, started recycling aluminum cans, glass, and plastic containers. After recognizing a growing need for recycling, Berks Container Recovery was created to help small boroughs begin a curbside recycling program. In 1993, the non-ferrous metal sector was created and developed at its current location on Morgan Drive, Sinking Spring, PA. The family business, now three generations strong, buys back over 100 different non-ferrous materials and is one of the top recycling centers in South Central/East, PA.


Do you have a business that accumulates large quantities of non-ferrous materials? Berks Container Recovery travels to businesses in this area. Call our office to check the availability of large quantity pickups.


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